Mary Nugent

  1.  What is your favourite horse from Cullentra, past and present? No More Heros and Tiger Roll
  2. What’s the best things about working here? Working with good horses and good people.
  3. If you could do any profession outside of racing, what would you do? I would be a vet.
  4. Best moment from Cullentra? Don Cossack winning the Gold Cup
  5. How long have you worked here? 7 years
  6. Whats the best and worst thing about working with Gordon? Worst thing is he blows his top easily, best thing is he forgets about it quickly.
  7. Who’s the best character on the yard? Jack Madden
  8.  Favourite track? Fairyhouse
  9.  Pick a horse from another yard you’d love to have here? Honeysuckle
  10. Favourite drink? Pink Gin
  11.  Who has the worst dress sense in the yard? Busty, neon colours aren’t for everyone.
  12.  Name your four dinner party guests? David Attenborough, Noel Fitzpatrick, AP McCoy and Gerry Kelly the vet.