1.  What is your favourite horse from Cullentra, past and present? Samcro and Ballbriggan
  2. What’s the best things about working here? Bringing good horses racing
  3. If you could do any profession outside of racing, what would you do? Driving the truck for panda waste
  4. Best moment from Cullentra? Driving horses for Gordon when he had his first across the card four timer
  5. How long have you worked here? Since the start
  6. Whats the best and worst thing about working with Gordon? He can be a bollox at times but hes not a bad bollox
  7. Who’s the best character on the yard? Jack Madden
  8.  Favourite track? Perth
  9.  Pick a horse from another yard you’d love to have here? Ourmanmassini
  10. Favourite drink? Pints of Heinekin
  11.  Who has the worst dress sense in the yard? Paddy Byrne
  12. Your four dinner quests: Eamon walters, Cossie McGivern, Pat Clarke and Kevin O’Neill.